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Meet The Woman Behind Uplifted Magazine

The Founder has created Uplifted Magazine - the UK's first digital publication to empower a community of women living with life-challenging conditions.

Uplifted Magazine has always been a passion project for all involved. Originally with a team of four in 2021, it is now a solo operation… for now! The idea for Uplifted Magazine was born during a zoom break out session for a Journalism module. We had to come up with an idea for a Magazine and join the group that we felt most fitted in to the same ideas. Beth, Jenny, Olivia and Rosie all joined one group. Quickly learning that we had all been associated with loved ones who had cancer and especially for Jenny who had recently lost her Dad to Lymphoma- the idea for Uplifted was formed. Real women, real stories mixed in with fashion and lifestyle.

Winning a Flare Ignite award for the concept in 2021 propelled the brand on and enabled us to fund our website. So many incredible people have been part of Uplifted, both the women that have shared their stories and the original team. Due to commitments outside of Uplifted, Beth took on a new role followed by Olivia and then Rosie. You can still see lots of articles by Olivia and Rosie and hopefully there will be further guest appearances in the future.

Jenny 630


“Helping one person may not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.”

We want to make an impact

Together we can be Uplifted.