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… And that’s not just eating them!

Finding the right routine for your skincare can be a challenge and let’s ‘face’ it – the choices of skin care creams, lotions and potions can sometimes be overwhelming and expensive.

First of all- What does feeling sexy mean to you?

Is it compliments from others or is it a self awareness – or both?

The importance of loving yourself for all you have to offer is the most important thing – what we have to offer within our character is sexy too right?

However, good skin hygiene and maintenance is an important as part of a daily routine. Introducing a natural remedy to your skin to start the day, could boost a feel good emotion and kick start that sexiness within you. Uplifted wants to share an inexpensive and effortless way of thinking outside of the box.



Picture of row of products and hand holding one everglow

Why is eating a banana good for me?

According to the BBC good food guide these potassium powerhouses are a great source of nutrition – here are just some of the reasons, especially if you include bananas as part of your breakfast:

  • An energy booster
  • Helps to regulate heart function and fluid balance
  • Rich in vitamins and fibre
  • Neutralises stomach acid and aids digestion
    Banana smoothie breakfast scene

    Banana and blueberry smoothie to start the day


Using the Peel on my face- A step by step guide

Soooo …you have chopped up a banana over a bowl of cereal or added it to a smoothie and then you are left with the peel…. you throw the peel in to the food bin… No! Not yet..

1.  Cut off some peel with scissors.

2.  Rub the peel around your face and neck evenly (use more fresh peel if you need it)

3. Leave the peel on your skin for up to 30 minutes

4. Rinse off with water and cleanse

Initially the peel is a like a cool, aloe vera type sensation and your skin might then start to feel a little tight, like a face mask. There are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties within the peel that are said to act as a natural moisturizer that promote good skin health.

Amazingly, the benefits also extend out to reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles and it doesn’t stop at skin – hair and even teeth and gums can benefit from what a banana has to offer. With a single banana costing as little as 18p at a supermarket – don’t miss out on the ‘bunch’ of benefits these botanical berries offer.

Try it and comment.