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12 Outfits For You To Wear Comfortably (+ Look BEAUTIFUL) With A Stoma Bag

‘Do I look fat in this?’ Let’s face it, we have all said this whilst trying on clothes. What we need to ditch, is the idea of a ‘bikini body’ – if you want a bikini body… then just put a bikini on! As the fact of the matter is, all our bodies are different, and they always will be. Our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful. That’s how I would describe these women here. Beautiful.

After sitting on a zoom call with one of our feature stars Hannah, she spoke to me about her experience with a stoma bag. I remember thinking, what is a stoma bag? When researching, I soon realised I had all the medical knowledge I needed at my fingertips from Google. Yet something was missing. Sexiness, femininity and just the power of being a woman felt lost in all the medical notes. Everyone listen up! Just because you have a stoma bag, doesn’t mean you lose the interest in normal womanly things – like fashion, beauty or even sex.

So this is what this article is about. How to style your stoma and not give a shit! Wear what you want, stand out, be bold. Your stoma should not dim your sparkle, but only strengthen it.

‘Your stoma should not dim your sparkle, but only strengthen it.’

Girls Night Out

Modelled by the gorgeous Tanya (@tanyalivingfree), she is wearing a brown corset dress from Pretty Little Thing. This is perfect for a girls night out, as the wrap over design helps to cover the stoma bag without being too tight. The gold straps add to the glamour feel of the dress, making you feel sexy in your own body. You can pair this dress with some statement gold jewellery, a strappy pair of heels and a clutch under the arm … perfection!

Slay Everyday

Are you needing a trendy, stylish and adaptive top to wear everyday? Well look no further! Unhidden Clothing’s Wrap Top is perfect for you. As seen on Lucy-Jane ( this top can be dressed down with some blue denim jeans and trainers, or alternatively, you can transform this top for a more evening look by unzipping the front and creating a one-shoulder effect or wearing it the other way round for a deep v neckline. One top styled many ways *insert love eyes here*.



Having a life-challenging condition does not mean you are weak! As Megan (@megs.46) here shows, exercise is still crucial for not only her body, but to relieve any stress and worries. Megan had a temporary stoma bag, but here she shows that she can still wear the same gym clothes that she could wear with or without a stoma bag! Her personal favourite fitness brand is Gymshark. The high waist black leggings is perfect at supporting the stoma bag and the white sports bra is not only comfy but very effective in the gym.

Date Night

Drinks at a bar, dinner for 2 or even a night round yours. Our beautiful Hannah (@noovariesandastoma) has got you covered on what to wear on a date night. Remember ladies a stoma still means you are SEXY. Hannah picked a stylish gold mini skirt with a more casual black crew neck knitted jumper. With these two pieces combined, it makes it a perfect date night outfit. As lets face it, we have all been there wondering “how dressy do I go?” but, with this jumper and a glamorous skirt you have the perfect balance! Matched with a nude pair of strappy heels you will be turning some heads.

Work Wear

Yellow is the new black and we are loving Amy’s (@ibdwarriorprincess) choice to wear bright colours in the office! This vibrant mustard skater dress paired with a black belt, tights and a patterned headband is not only super stylish and fun but still holds a level of professionalism. Why should we blend in at the office when we can always stand out? You can either wear a pair of boots or black stiletto heels and you’ll be ready to strut around the office like you are walking on fashion week.

Drinks in the city

Life is a party, so let’s dress like it! Queen of thrifting, Lucy-Jane ( channels her inner Harry Styles and wears a pair of wide leg purple trousers and a hot-pink corset top. On chillier nights you can add a blazer for some warmth. This look gives out boss babe vibes and we are LOVING it. One Pornstar Martini please!


Spring Walks

As the days get brighter and the weather gets warmer, Spring is the perfect time for strolls around town and power walks alongside a river. Tanya shows how even though you may have a stoma bag, you can still wear skinny jeans! These high waist blue jeans paired with the white corset top is a perfect daytime look. Matched with a brown teddy bear coat and black belt, you’re not only comfy but also super stylish.

Dress To Impress

As we start to hit wedding season we need outfits for ceremonies, galas or formal dinners, the stunning Megan is glowing in this green Oh Polly dress. Even though this is a form-fitting bodycon style dress, the rouched material is perfect to cover the stoma bag shape. Remember ladies (+gents) you are still SEXY, so flaunt that body. As Justin Timberlake sings, let’s bring ‘sexy back’. To add to this look, a white stiletto heel and a matching cross-body bag will look divine.



Can you swim with a stoma bag? YES! Our lovely Amy shows how you can wear a bikini – and it doesn’t need to be high waisted! This gorgeous Swim Society bikini is perfect for those hot days sitting by the pool (with a cocktail in hand). As like I said before, any body is a bikini body. Can I get an amen? AMEN. If you are looking for something a little more supportive try swapping out the bottoms for a patterned print and a high waist – mix and match to get a new look every time.

Adaptive Clothing

Unhidden Clothing back again with another adaptive and stylish outfit. This navy/black dress has a hidden zip – this is a great design feature if you need to change your stoma bag, yet don’t want to have to remove all your clothes… GENIUS!! And if you thought that was all, Unhidden clothing only use sustainable fabrics. Therefore, Unhidden is not only great for your adaptive clothing needs but also the planet.


Sunday’s are made for brunching

Sunday morning, time for sleeping in, hot coffee in bed and killer outfits. Lucy-Jane has returned with another incredible outfit giving major Clueless vibes. This co-ord set from Neon Rose is the perfect cardigan and skirt pairing. With the white waistcoat and a large pink scrunchie it adds a bit of retro edge that is perfect for our Power of the Flower campaign. Also we didn’t tell Lucy-Jane the colours of the shoot, yet she matched so perfectly!

Support Wear

So now we have shown you all the wonderful ways you can style your stoma, you may be wondering ‘what goes underneath all these clothes?’ Well, the answer is simple – Comfizz. As seen on their website “Comfizz garments are designed in collaboration with patients & professionals who understand what it’s like to have surgery or live with a stoma… modern and non-medical looking, our garments gently support the abdominal region and stoma bag, which helps to improve bag adherence, thus reducing the potential for leaks”.  A staple for your wardrobe! Here, Amy is wearing the Level 1 Support Briefs and Level 1 Support Vest. If you are wondering what level you may need, then book a consultation with Comfizz and they will be happy to help!


We want to see how YOU style your stoma. Tag us in your Instagram posts with #upliftedmagazine and we will re-share our favourites!

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