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From my favourite TV show this month, to something for you to do when you’re at home bored. Read this for my March picks!

March. The month where the sun starts to shine and the flowers begin to grow. I don’t know about you, but I love new beginnings – and that is exactly what March is to me. We can finally start to say goodbye to dark evenings and frosty mornings as life begins to feel much more brighter.

I have picked my favourite uplifting TV show, film, music, podcast, book and activity for you to do this month, to also feel brighter this March.

TV Show – The Bold Type

I had to kick this off with one of my FAVOURITE shows ever – The Bold Type. This can be watched on Netflix or bought on Amazon Prime Video, and trust me … it’s well worth it! This show is all about female empowerment, following three friends in New York navigating life together whilst working for a successful women’s magazine. It covers topics like breast cancer and the BRCA gene, relationships, sexuality, sexism, racism and much more. It is funny and light, all whilst highlighting many serious life situations and how they deal with challenges. It’s a great show if you are looking for that bad-ass female lead and by the end of it, you will also want to work for a magazine. I know I did *winks*. Oh, and they play Taylor Swift …

Image taken from an episode of The Bold Type

Image taken from an episode of The Bold Type


Book – Speak Your Truth‘ by Fearne Cotton

As read on Goodreads “Speak Your Truth dives into all the ways we learn to stay quiet for the wrong reasons, and explores how to find your voice, assert yourself and speak out with confidence”. This book by the lovely Fearne Cotton is a great way to grow in self-confidence and learn how to speak up when feel we have seen an injustice. Our Editor-In-Chief, Jenny, really connected to this book, as she felt that their has been times in her own life where she felt belittled or made to feel less powerful than what she really is! This could be times when a GP has told you not to worry about a health concern, but you know something is really not right. Alternatively, you may feel you are in need of a promotion at a job for all the amazing work you have achieved, yet feel embarrassed to ask. By reading the stories and advice from Fearne herself, you will turn the last page feeling empowered but, most of all – important.

Image of 'Speak Your Truth' by Fearne Cotton sourced from Amazon

Image of ‘Speak Your Truth’ by Fearne Cotton sourced from Amazon


Podcast – The Uplifted Hour

Drum roll please… Introducing ‘The Uplifted Hour’ a podcast hosted by the co-founders of Uplifted Magazine. You can find this podcast on all streaming platforms. In the first episode we interview the amazing Lucy-Jane, who you may recognise from our How To Style Your Stoma Bag article. We discuss the trend around 10,000 steps a day, what we are obsessed and not impressed with this month and we answer one of your burning questions. So grab a cuppa or put this on when your next driving, and laugh along with us as we stumble through many of life’s challenges.

The Uplifted Hour, streaming on all platforms.

The Uplifted Hour, streaming on all platforms.


Album – Everything I Didn’t Say by Ella Henderson

Music is medicine for the soul. This new album by Ella Henderson is exactly that – especially her new song Brave. With lyrics like “When trouble wrecks your heart, and the world’s gone dark, and your soul is black and blue , we still got love to give” it will leave you with goosebumps on your skin. One of our co-founders Olivia, said that she loves to listen to this song on her way to work as she leaves the car feeling ‘brave’ just as Ella Henderson sings. So turn on the Alexa, crank this up to full volume and dance, sing, even scream your heart away to this song and the rest of the album!

Album cover for Everything I Didn't Say by Ella Henderson

Album cover for Everything I Didn’t Say by Ella Henderson

Film – Marry Me

JLo and Owen Wilson in a rom-com together… yes please! There hasn’t been a class romance film in years, there are only so many time I can rewatch How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. That is why I was so excited to watch the brand new film Marry Me. Without spoiling the whole plot, as trust me I could talk about this film for ages, celebrity singer Kat Valdez (played by Jennifer Lopez) ends up marrying so-called-nobody Charlie Gilbert (played by Owen Wilson) in front of an arena filled with thousands of fans. Together, they navigate their new marriage in front of the camera’s but when Kat’s cheating ex wants to get back together for the fame, who does she pick? This film also comes with a killer soundtrack.

From the film Marry Me, image sourced from Universal Pictures

From the film Marry Me, image sourced from Universal Pictures

Activity – Get Involved With Uplifted Magazine

When thinking of an activity that will be fun to do this month, I wanted to think of a way of something that you can do at home yet share with everyone else. Then I remembered… YOUR VOICE.

A space here on Uplifted Magazine where we post your work – this can be anything from a short story, poem or a piece of art. If you are looking for a prompt, create something around ‘new beginnings’ as this is exactly what Spring means to me. Out with the old in with the new. Once you have finished something you would love to share, you can email it to our Editor Jenny – [email protected]

Then watch as your work goes live in our magazine! It’s an incredible feeling.

Let us know what you want to see in next months picks below!

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