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Cervical cancer kills almost 300,000 women every year and is the fourth most common cancer – help prevent this by protecting your loved one by getting the vaccine. 

If you want the short answer? Then, YES. First real-world data shows that the HPV vaccine is cutting Cervical Cancer cases by 90%, with Cancer research UK describing the evidence as “Historic”. If that’s not a good enough reason to let your daughter have the HPV vaccine, then carry on reading below…

In the UK, the HPV vaccine is offered to young girls between the ages of eleven and thirteen – I personally had mine in Year 8 of school. Since 2019, the vaccine has also been offered to boys. Why you may ask? Well the HPV vaccine doesn’t just prevent Cervical cancers. In actual fact, the HPV jab helps to protect against the human papilloma virus which then helps prevent throat, oral and anal cancers – pretty incredible right?

Sourced from Glamour

Sourced from Glamour

Even better, the vaccine holds little side effects. The more common side effects, according to the NHS website, are either bruising or itching around the injection spot, a raised temperature and feeling shivery, pain in the arm or feeling sick. From personal experience, I was completely fine after my vaccine, same for the rest of my year group, so don’t let these minor side effects put you off letting your daughter, or son, have the vaccine.

Debunking The Myths

Now let’s break down the myths surrounding the HPV Vaccine. Some say this vaccine can lead to infertility for women – this has been clinically proven to be incorrect. As reported by the Society of Behavioural Medicine, a recent study of over 200,000 women found no relation between the HPV Vaccine and premature ovarian failure.

Another misconception surrounding the HPV vaccine is that it is not safe – once again this has been proven to be untrue. Between the years 2008 and 2018, over 10 million HPV vaccines were administered to women – meaning over 80% of the female population in the UK has been vaccinated.

So by reading this article we hope you now feel more comfortable knowing your daughter, or son, is well protected by getting the HPV vaccine.

For more information on the HPV Vaccine, please visit the NHS website 

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