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Why not use the longer, brighter days to take comfort in the things that make you happy…Uplifted Magazine want to share some ideas to get you started.

Stay at home cocktail night

Set the scene in your garden or balcony with a comfy chair and footrest, get Alexa ready with your ultimate feel good playlist and start prepping your cheeky cocktail. Remember there are so many fab 0% alcohol options, to make an amazing mocktail too.

Add these to your shopping List :

Cocktail glass (The right glass, creates the right mood!)

Strawberries (Fresh or frozen)

White Rum

Lime Juice

Sugar syrup

Ice Cubes

For a non-alcoholic version, replace the rum for lemon-lime soda and a tbsp of lemon juice.

Image taken from Unsplash

Image taken from Unsplash

Method (Serves 2)

Blend 3 large strawberries and sieve to remove seeds.

Put the sieved strawberry puree back in the blender, add all of your ingredients:

100 ml Rum, 1/2 squeezed lime, 1-2 tbsp of Sugar syrup, 4 Ice cubes

Pour in to your cocktail glass, garnish with a strawberry on the side and Voilà… enjoy your efforts!

Netflix have only gone and released more eps of Season 4!

Stranger Things 4 illustrated poster by Kyle Lambert

Stranger Things 4 illustrated poster by Kyle Lambert

Let’s take you out of the sunshine for this one… only because it’s worth it! If you haven’t stepped back in time to the 1980’s with rotary telephones and retro trackies, Uplifted highly recommends Stranger Things. For those already on board the BMX bikes, Netflix have just released the next batch of eps for Season 4, including an epic 2.5hrs episode. Grab your popcorn and Parma Violets… get ready to go in to the Upside Down.

British Summer Time @ Hyde Park

Haven’t got plans for a festival this summer? Don’t worry Hyde Park has it all covered. Amazing food stands, Peroni stations, VIP access areas complete with stages, and epic live acts including a disabled viewing platform at The Great Oak stage. Get a whatsapp group going and grab your tickets from any of your usual reliable ticket websites. Face glitter and sequins are essential!

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