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Mothers day   Celebrate you and how far you have come

With occasion days filling our calendars, Uplifted is aware that the intended celebrations around these days can also cause heartache for many. Perhaps a key loved one has passed away or your ability to have your own child is no longer an option for you. The heart-breaking reality around these losses can leave us feeling empty and cast aside. Arguably, society still hasn’t grasped the understanding around appropriateness in approaching women about why they haven’t had a child, sometimes the people that are closest to us are the worst offenders.

Uplifted Magazine want to tell you that we understand, we are here for you and although we cannot take away the pain of loss, we encourage you to surround your day with what makes you sparkle and shine and smile from ear to ear. After all, we do not have to be a mother to be maternal, perhaps there is a child or children in your life who are super special to you and you to them. Those children will never forget what you have done for them, as they grow they will always remember the positive contributions that you were able to offer them and that is a very special thing.


“It’s ok not to be ok.”

You may have a wonderful female role model in your life who you look up to, like a mother. Perhaps use the day to let them know how special they are to you and how much you value their support.

Has it been a busy time with work and other commitments? Make time for a friend or partner to go and visit a place you have been excited about.

Whatever you decide, Uplifted encourages you to do something amazing for yourself this Mother’s day. Why not check out Rosie’s March picks for some suggestions.

If you feel that you need more support, or someone to talk to at this time why not speak to charity Fertility Network. They also offer an information line 01424732361. Please also don’t forget to use our ‘Just Tell Julie’ page and Julie will be there to support you.

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