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Let’s say it out loud…

…actually it’s hard isn’t it, but we have to ask ourselves why that it is? Does it make you feel embarrassed? Too sexual? Too graphic?

We all have nicknames for our private parts and maybe our partners do too but when it comes to knowing our way around our anatomy, how much do we really know about our vagina? Sure, like our fingerprints, they are all unique, but how important is it to empower ourselves with knowledge so that if we are faced with a health concern in this area, we absolutely don’t shy away from having it checked out.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care, a staggering one in three women don’t take up the offer of a cervical screening test with embarrassment being the most common reason. The DHSC launched a ‘Call for Evidence’ campaign last year, inviting women aged from 16 to take a survey as in the words of the Health Minister of the time, Matt Hancock

For generations, women have lived with a health and care system that is mostly designed by men, for men.”

taken from the DHSC website, Matt Hancock 2021

What were the core objectives of the survey ?

The 6 core-themes included in the call for evidence were:

1. Actually hearing listening to what women say when they have a health complaint

2. Clinicians to have a better understanding and education around Women’s Health

3. Maximising the support for Women’s health throughout their lives

4. The workplace – Health conditions that affect women in the workplace and getting a better understanding from employers

5. Making sure women’s health is included in current research, carrying out clinical trials

6. The impact that the pandemic has had on Women and their health

How many women replied to the survey?

Only 110,123 women responded to the survey. According to, it is estimated that the UK has a population of women of 34,280,000.

Of the women that responded, gynaecological and fertility health were the top 2 topics that was called for action to prioritise for inclusion.

DHSC Website

It is time for change and often women have a ‘gut’ instinct with how they feel. YOU are important and your voice must be heard, often we are too polite and aware of the workload of our healthcare providers. It also relies on us women to have the confidence to be able to talk openly about our vaginal health.

If you want to understand more about your vagina, the NHS ‘Is my Vagina normal‘ information page might be able to help.

Did you take part in the DHSC survey last year or something similar? We want to hear from you, post your comments below.


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